Beka and Sam

Beka and Sam

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


So Sam wanted to play on the chess team at school this year but unfortunately we just couldn't do it financially this year. So, knowing Sam was upset about it I decided it would be a good thing to do for a Saturday with Sam was to play some chess with him.

He had fun and I had fun too. I haven't been able to play chess against anyone lately and it was a good learning experience for Sam. He is pretty good at the game, despite the fact I beat him severely (oh and the upside down light rook is my pawn turned Queen) So I think I'll be playing chess with him more often. I need someone to play against and he needs practice so that next year he can win at the tournament.

Oh and this chess board is from Nepal :)

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  1. So it has been over a year since you documented or had a "Saturday with Sam"?