Beka and Sam

Beka and Sam

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ice Cream

So apparently the ice cream truck still goes around the neighbor hood and Sam, when hearing the music, ran out of his room searching for money. So grabbed my wallet and we went outside. I spent the last of my cash but it was well spent to see Sam happy and to give him this memory.
I did't have time to do much with him today so this was my substitute for
Saturdays with Sam.

School Projects

So last weekend, for Saturdays with Sam,
I helped Sam make a paper mache shark for a report on a vertebra of his choice.
So we made a shark. It was tough but I let him to most of the work.
It was after we finished it and painted it, that as when I realized that we had overlooked a major component of our shark (and no one else seemed to have noticed it either until I looked at it and realized what was missing.)
We made a shark with no
So I had to tear up more newspaper and cut more cardboard for a fin and plaster it onto it..haha but it turned out well.
This pic is of the shark before the fin.